Talking a little about us

EMPAC has been operating in the segment of manufacturing and commercialization of prefabricated concrete products for over 35 years, having reached a stage of productive and technological development of the most modern and efficient.

The quality of the products and services provided by EMPAC is the result of the hard work, serious and competent of qualified professionals, massive investments in training and equipment acquisition, and the use of an efficient quality control system throughout the production process.

Empac had its origins in 1982. It is a family business, whose activities began in the 1920s with the Gori Quarry - founded by the Italian immigrant Gustavo Gori. Currently the quarry is a company an important supplier of raw material of the highest quality, which confers a differential to our concrete.

In its fourth generation, Empac has dynamic and innovative leaders, focused on customer satisfaction and the manufacture of quality products. Throughout these years, the company has been improving and investing in production methods with research of new technologies and qualification of the professionals so that our product surpasses more and more, the expectation of our clients.

  • Own laboratory
    • Concrete technological control
      • Trace development
        • Efficient inspection system
          • Test benches equipped for testing the parts
            • Implemented quality management system
              • High production capacity
                • Use of differentiated manufacturing technologies and methods

Excellence in prefabricated concrete for electrification, construction and transportation.

Provide the prefabricated concrete company, in accordance with established requirements, meeting their explicit and implicit needs, in order to contribute to the improvement and growth of the infrastructure in Brazil, acting with social responsibility and respect for the environment.

To become a reference in the concrete prefabricated market, seeking to meet its current and future needs, reaching a growth that meets the expectations of customers, shareholders, professionals, suppliers and society as a whole.

Trust, honesty, quality, integrity, respect, ethics, customer focus, trained staff, better processes and discipline in execution and shared values.