Electrical Sector


Great experience and specific knowledge of the area. We serve the main concessionaires in Brazil.
EMPAC has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of poles, with more than 35 years serving the largest energy concessionaires, construction companies and contractors in the country. Its efficient manufacturing system guarantees a large volume of production, fast delivery, with recognized and proven quality, and in accordance with the current technical standards of A.B.N.T. and technical specifications of electric utilities. All post sections standardized by NBR-8451 in circular, double T and rectangular format are all within the EMPAC production line.
A substation is a set of equipment, with the function of transforming the electrical energy so that it can be distributed in smaller voltages. Because they are special structures, substations require the mastery of specific knowledge and through their proven experience, EMPAC has become a leader in this segment, serving the main concessionaires and large companies in the energy sector in Brazil. EMPAC designs and produces substations in various sectors, from 34.5kV to 500kV. Being that the main products are: poles, beams, rings, capitals and any other concrete pieces for the assembly of the supports and concrete frames.
The supply of electricity in Brazil is made through a large and complex system of substations and transmission lines, interconnected to the various plants. The Transmission Line is responsible for transporting this energy between the plants and the substations. In general, the structures that make up the Transmission Lines are more robust because they work with great tensions. As well as in the substations, EMPAC has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and transportation of Transmission Line concrete structures, being also leader in this segment, serving the main concessionaires and companies in the energy sector in Brazil. The main products are posts, crossbars, clamps, rings and any other concrete parts for the assembly of structures.