Talking about sustainability

EMPAC works with a focus on growth coupled with sustainable development and respect for society and the environment.

The management principles of the EMPAC Group are in line with good corporate governance practices. In this way, we conduct operations in an ethical and transparent manner, generating value for the organization and for society.

Reaffirming the EMPAC commitment to human development and respect for the environment, we carry out activities in the company and society in order to raise awareness among employees and their families.

To ensure the well being of employees, the company creates periodic events with lectures and theaters on health care, food, personal hygiene, drug use prevention, alcoholism and violence.

To value employees, the special dates and birthdays of the month are celebrated with events in the premises of the company itself.

In addition, concerned about the health of employees, we have a doctor for personalized care and a cafeteria with nutritionist.

In an attempt to build a better world, EMPAC also makes monthly contributions to institutions such as lactario, Apae, the Institute of cancer and the institute of paraplegics.

We work to ensure that sustainability is incorporated into our daily routine management practices, the attitudes of professionals and all those involved in their respective operational processes.