Talking about quality

EMPAC has an absolute commitment to quality and always seeks to develop products that fully meet the needs and expectations of customers, aiming at their total satisfaction. All prefabricated structures undergo a strict Quality Control that monitors the entire production process, from the receipt of the raw material to the final product.

To guarantee the quality of the concrete, EMPAC has its own laboratories with the highest technology, in which trained and trained professionals control all stages of the process: choice of the appropriate raw material, dosage, transport, densification, curing and statistical control of resistance the concrete.

The whole process of manufacturing the parts is controlled and inspected by technical professionals who supervise the whole process: making the armatures, molding in the formwork, concreting, final product and its expedition. With all this control, it is possible to obtain a high quality product, meeting the technical requirements and projects of each customer.

To ensure the strength of the prefabricated structures, EMPAC, within the scope of its internal quality control, performs mechanical tests that confirm the excellent performance of the structures submitted to the design loads.

All this with the goal of achieving a product of quality, durability, strength and service within the given time.